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EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conferences

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
The EuroVelo Conferences have been held every other year since 2012 to share knowledge, highlight good practices and encourage further development of the EuroVelo network and cycling tourism generally across Europe. Previously, the conference was named the EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference to reflect the involvement of the European Greenways Association (EGWA) at that time.

The EuroVelo and Cycling Tourism Conference is unique in several ways. The conferences do not just attract one type of profession but bring together all those who are involved in the tourism sector: accommodation providers, public transport companies, tour operators, universities and academia, tourism officials, public authorities, cycle tourism world and user groups.

The next edition of the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2023 will take place in Izmir, Türkiye from 11 to 13 October 2023.

Stay tunned for more information about the EuroVelo Conference, for now please save the date!

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