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European Certification Standard

The European Certification Standard (ECS) is a set of rules developed by the ECF to certify EuroVelo routes and evaluate their quality. It can also be used to assess the quality of national or regional routes. It can help set up national standards where they do not exist and harmonise the different regulations in the European states.

In addition to the short ECS manual, there is also the long ECS manual with more detailed explanations. Please note that the manual can be subject to modifications. The latest version was published in April 2018.

Route Inspectors Training

Official EuroVelo Route Inspectors have participated in the mandatory ECS training. The next training session will take place in the second half of 2020. Please subscribe to the EuroVelo Newsletter to stay up to date with the location, precise date, costs etc. If you are interested in a training session, please send an email to

Over the coming months, the ECF will be making some changes to the ECS app (see below) and we will ask all qualified EuroVelo Route Inspectors to participate in an online update and refreshment course to learn about the new app functions. These online courses are scheduled to take place in the first half of 2020. Details are set to follow.

The following list contains the contact details of the Official European Route Inspectors who agreed to be named on this website: Route Inspectors June 2019.

Download the app

EuroVelo Route Inspectors use an app specifically designed to evaluate long-distance cycle routes: the European Certification Standard app. It is available for download here.

Annexes to the ECS

Please also have a look at the annexes to the ECS. They provide many helpful examples in the following areas: